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Jason Pullar

My name is Jason and I have been creating Ambience videos for just over two years now. My passion for making videos has increased hugely over this period thanks to the positive feedback from my viewers as well as the sense of personal achievement.

Personally knowing the positive impact that my videos have on people from is my main source of inspiration. The thought of at least one person using my videos helping them feel relaxed is what drives me the most to continue whilst always looking to improve.

Short Self Hypnosis – Act on the Three

Take a minute out of your day, to relax. DO NOT listen while driving or operating machinery

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Music to help you unwind

Our top spotify picks to help you unwind

Draw your “Safe Place”

Your mind is the canvas. Either get a pen and paper, or draw your safe place in your mind. On a touchscreen or tablet? Click here to start drawing. It can be as abstract or as detailed as you like. Picture yourself in this place.

One Minute of Calm

Take a minute out of your day to relax

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