Take a look at our frequently asked questions below
How do I book a coaching session?

Whether it is an enquiry or you wish to book a session, please click here.

What does your training look like?

I’ll need to know your end goal and moreover how we will measure success. This will start with your debrief and individual needs analysis, enabling me to develop a tailored course. A personalised skills-gap analysis is of high value, so I can focus on the individual, not just a room full of people. 

During the sessions, I’ll mix it up. We’ll get interactive, dive into workshops, scribble on whiteboards, escape into breakout sessions, and play around with magic boards. And yes, there’ll be a few well-chosen PowerPoint slides.

It’s also key to measure uptake of knowledge. It’s vital to know what’s being digested. So I’ll run fun quizzes, hand out questionnaires, or talk to line managers. After the course, I’ll follow up and track results with The Hoyle Partnership online LMS (Learning Management System).

Who's your training and coaching suitable for?

Anyone who wants to make every day their best day. Even if you are not in the MedTech industry, I would love to hear from you!

What makes you different?

There are no broad brushstrokes around here. Everything’s targeted with a laser focus on your needs. I also do plenty of prep work to tailor everything to the people I’m training. One of my unique skills is catering for everyone in the room at the same time. It’s an individual approach, rather than trying to tick all the boxes in the room at one time.

Learning with The Hoyle Partnership lasts a lifetime. I’ll do follow-ups, measure uptake of knowledge, send out questionnaires, talk to line managers. My focus is on results.

Do you run group or individual training?

Both. People learn in different ways. Often, an individual approach works better than having everybody in one room. Conversely, having a group session can build confidence within a team and participants can add value to the session. 

Why 'The Hoyle Partnership'?

It works in two ways. First, It is about a partnership with my client. Secondly, It’s the support clients receive from my partners that add real value to clients.

Is confidentiality important to you?

Confidentially is absolutely essential within The Hoyle Partnership and runs through everything I do. I would invite you to look through our privacy policy and terms and conditions sections on this website.

Do you run courses online as well?

Absolutely. In two ways.

First, Live Online sessions. I usually use Microsoft Teams, and would send you invites. However, if you have a preference, such as Zoom, then that’s fine too!

Secondly, i’d invite you to look at our online learning management system (coming soon!), where you will find courses you can take at your convenience. Please click here to sign up to our mailing list, where you will receive notifications when we upload new courses.

Tell me about your LMS - How can I take a course online?

There are several aspects to eLearning. The most-popular choice is working online on a click-through course in your own time, then receiving a certificate at the end. Please click here to sign up to our mailing list, where you will receive notifications when we upload new courses.

What outcomes can I expect?

You’ll improve your leadership skills, you’ll develop skills that help you achieve more, learn coping strategies for when things aren’t going too well, and you’ll get an inclusive team around you for support.

What do you mean 'holistic approach?'

Let’s imagine you’re a top salesperson. But recently you’ve been underperforming. Reason is, you’re in heavy debt. It’s affecting your mental agility and your motivation.

Maybe you’re physically unfit and it’s affecting your job. Or perhaps you’re a mega-fit marathon runner with no mortgage, but you’ve got issues with your line manager.

I look at the whole person through focusing on business, personal and wellbeing aspects. They’re all interdependent and you can’t fix one without mending the others. I call it Act on the Three.

Is life coaching for individuals? How can it help me?

Life coaching could be for individuals within companies – or just for clients outside of work. It’s about all aspects of life. Your values, relationships, how you deal with stress, mental health, nutrition.

With qualifications in clinical psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, solution-focused therapy, and nutrition coaching, I take a holistic approach to your needs. If you have specific concerns that need an in-depth approach, I’ve got expert consultants on hand to help.

What payment methods do you accept?

Before any training or coaching session takes place, we would send you a quotation. We prefer electronic online payment. Either via BACS or PayPal.

How do you calculate pricing?

Please contact us for a quotation, as coaching and training is tailored to your specific needs. This could be per hour, or as a fixed charge for a training course.