“Having battled food addiction all of my life, I have been inspired to learn and find solutions for myself as well as for my clients.”



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  • Food Addiction Coaching
  • Stress Management Coaching
  • Value-Based Life Coaching
  • Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Coaches: Health

Heidi Giaever


Huntsland Nutrition CIC is a not-for-profit company founded by Heidi Giaever to offer Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle guidance within the community. With a focus on understanding individual needs, Heidi offers both structured education courses and one-to-one consultations on putting Pre-diabetes and Diabetes into remission with diet and lifestyle, Food and Sugar addiction, changing Habits and Tastes, Relapse Prevention Planning, Identifying and Dealing with Food Intolerances, as well as detailed Nutritics Analysis for those who want help with reviewing the nutritional value of their current diets for optimal health and improved sports performance.

Structured education courses are offered to individual surgeries or PCNs, and companies for employee health programmes, as required. Heidi’s primary goal is to achieve tangible and meaningful results for all clients and patients that she works with. For further details, clinical outcomes and testimonials.


David Hoyle

I have struggled with food addiction all of my life. I reached a crossroads several years ago and realised it was sugar / carb addiction. In an attempt to help myself, and subsequently my clients, I set a course to learn as much as I could. I studied with Prof Noakes and his team, and qualified as a nutritional advisor with the Nutrition Network. I am also an ambassador for The Public Health Collaboration, which is a non-profit charity in the UK promoting healthy eating. The PHC is a charity which The Hoyle Partnership supports. 

I am delighted to be working alongside Heidi Giaever of Huntsland Nutrition. Heidi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Hoyle Partnership.